Couple’s “Loving Touch” Workshop

Presented by: Fred Freeman, ACBT
MassageWerks, Certified Bodywork Therapist

Would you like to improve the relationship with your significant other? If the answer is yes, then this workshop may be for you!

Without caring nurturing touch, relationships suffer.

Learn skills that will improve your primary relationship in an intimate small-group setting through human touch, heart connection, and introductory massage instruction.

This four-hour workshop will:

  • give you more confidence in touching your partner in a way that he/she desires.
  • be “hands on” loving and connecting, but not sexual.
  • allow couples to get/give immediate feedback from each other.
  • explore different types of touch and how each impacts your partner.
  • teach basic massage skills for pain relief, relaxation, and personal connection.

When:  Contact Fred for upcoming dates.

Where: Held at locations around Indianapolis or elsewhere as requested.

Cost:  Cost is $100 per couple.

Other Info:  Advance registration required. Limited to 10 couples. A list of needed supplies will be provided upon registration.

To Register: To make your reservation or to schedule a future workshop, contact Fred Freeman, (317) 513-4676, or email . Other workshops will be scheduled as people request them.

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