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Fred FreemanDo you need relief from pain, stress, or from life’s pressures? Therapeutic massage and myofascial release may be right for you!

Many of life’s routines cause us to do repetitive body motions. Sitting at a computer or desk all day, driving, carrying children and purses, and even exercising can all cause muscular tension that over time can build up to the point of relentless pain.

While our bodies are amazing in their ability to accomplish diverse tasks, they are not meant to move in the same way, all the time, every day. When that happens, we get “random” pain. Muscles and fascia lock up in the body and create neck pain, “pinched nerves”, headaches, backaches, and general soreness. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia can be triggered by these holding patterns of muscle. We’re not performance machines — we’re human beings!

The bodywork I do focuses on bringing relief by changing these patterns and releasing tension in the body. My techniques are unique in the massage world and are not your traditional “lay-on-the-table-and-relax” types of massage. My style is more medically related, working with structural and postural issues that place strain on muscles, bones, and joints. I work to soften tissue (fascia) to reduce muscular tension and reduce pain.

I invite you to explore the rest of this site: what to expect will tell you about the services I offer, and meet Fred Freeman will tell you a bit more about me. Map, contact, rates is just that. The Couple’s Workshop page tells you about an exciting new Couple’s Massage Workshop I offer. And the Blog (coming soon!) will share some of my experiences and perhaps offer some pearls of wisdom.

Please be in touch. I look forward to meeting you and working together to reduce your stress and pain.

Fred J. Freeman
Fred J. Freeman

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